UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club; The top center for valuation of inventions, startups, and knowledge enterprises

UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club as an organization under the auspices of UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), has taken an important step with regard to the need of the country for valuation of inventions, startups, and knowledge enterprises. As such, an extensive array of services are offered to companies and to top and talented minds behind ideas and inventions. When it comes to the valuation of inventions and startups, it should be said: that the proper criteria and asset evaluation are among the most important needs of any business; this will be doubly important when an exchange or trade is imminent. This valuation becomes more challenging when abstracts assets are being evaluated; for instance, valuation of idea, technology, technical knowledge, invention, etc.

Today, in the age of information technology, ideas and intellectual property actually have more worth than the physical assets of large companies; this is an accepted principle in today’s world. On the other hand, valuation of intellectual properties and ideas is something rather newfound, although not without its own complexities. The complexity lays within the fact that you need to come up with a physical criterion for the valuation of an abstract asset.

Having said all that, UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club has mustered all its capacities to provide the basis for supporting the intellectual and physical assets of young and top minds in Iran. By relying on technical knowledge and renowned experts in and out of the country, this club has made it its aim and effort to provide services to top minds and the real valuation of their inventions and innovations.

Given the unprecedented developments in human knowledge and technology, specifying the value and worth of technology and technological activities is a need that is growing increasingly along with new technologies. Even multiple aims would be effective when trying to pinpoint the criteria for the valuation of technology. For instance, as venture capital investments increase, not only the valuation of technology, but also the valuation of startups has also become a newfound need that is completely at odds with conventional methods in the stock valuation of non-technological companies. This contract can even be seen with regard to the technological products of the companies active in a traditional infrastructure.

It should be noted that the value and worth of an idea or technology is to a great extent tied to factors of time and space and the growth environment of the technology or idea at hand. The multiplicity and plurality of the parameters around these conditions, will ultimately create numerous variables, gathering all of which around one method or model of valuation will be difficult. Keeping all that in mind and also given all the obstacles on the path of valuation, a special trend has come under attention for each issue related to valuation. These trends are mostly intangible and mostly depend on the “haggling” skills of the parties to a trade.

The value and worth of any intellectual property or even invention depends upon the complementary assets of that idea or inventions. These complementary assets make it possible to implement and utilize intellectual properties and inventions. As a result, it is possible that for different organizations, the same idea or technology can have various worth and value, which makes the process of valuation of such properties even more so complex.

Valuation of Idea and Invention

Valuation and protecting the intellectual property of ideas and inventions and registering their patent, not only will protect the intellectual property for the inventor, but they will also bring the following advantages them:

  • The ability to utilize incentives and stimuli provided to inventors and owners of idea. Such incentives and stimuli can be used to further develop these ideas and inventions
  • Creating exclusive property rights for the inventors and the owners of ideas, and even the possibility to sell and transfer such properties to others
  • Creating liquidity by allocating the rights to implement and utilize these inventions and ideas to other companies and customers
  • Utilizing financial facilities with great conditions, for the owners of ideas and inventors

In addition, natural persons will also have the right to evaluation and patent registration of their ideas, which not only brings protection of their intellectual properties, but also provides the following advantages:

  • The ability to officially offer their inventions and ideas to companies that are active in related fields
  • Receiving perks and advantages from certain organizations, such as Iran’s National Elites Foundation
  • The ability to obtain educational grants and scholarships from country’s top universities and higher education institutes
  • Obtaining facilities from certain organizations that support elites and top minds, such as Iran National Science Foundation
  • Better conditions of employment in companies active in the fields of technology and also knowledge enterprises
  • The ability to utilize perks and advantages related to the obligatory military services

After the evaluation of the environment of technological business that depend on ideas and inventions, it becomes quite apparent that the owners of many inventions and intellectual properties in different fields of technology and science, given the lack of knowledge and awareness with regard to guiding inventions and creative ideas toward commercializing, many of these owners and elite minds easily pass on the chance to register the intellectual property of their idea or invention. This is while if they pursue the same ideas and inventions they can create such products that would yield great value and worth, and through that they can enter the market and obtain profits. On the other hand, we see that many investors do not have a clear path to guide their investments, and they invest in unproductive and even damaging products and markets such as dollar and gold coins; not only these investment have no positive outcome for the economy of the country, but they are also considered a threat to the national economy and security.

Having said all that, it is clear that in such a bipolar and vague environment, the gap between capital owners and owners of ideas and inventors is growing day by day. This on its own slows down the process of success and development, and hinders the quick development of new technologies and knowledge enterprises. One of the most important services provided by UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club is to create a suitable basis for interaction between inventors and capital owners. This cannot be obtained unless through the valuation of ideas and inventions that could lead to better conditions for innovation and invention, such that capital owners can find out more about the worth and value of these inventions and innovations. This way, they could move closer to intellectual property owners, and this can create a cooperation that would lead to the creation of knowledge enterprises. The first step in this regard, is to find out about the true worth and value of inventions and ideas. We at UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club have created such a condition in the best way possible for both sides of this trade, meaning inventors and owners of ideas, and owners of capital.

UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club as an organization under the auspices of UNESCO, has implemented the skill and knowledge of experts from in and out of the country to offer unique services to the community of inventors and elite minds in the country. Among these services, we can refer to evaluation of idea and inventions of the elite minds and young researchers of the country in order for determine their monetary valuation. It should be noted that the more information there is about an invention or idea, the more innovation and technology combined into the processes of their design, and the capability for production and market need, all are deciding factors in the worth and value of an invention or idea.

UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club, as an organization that supports innovative and technological activities, has specified certain goals and aims for itself ever since its conception in order to pay special attention to the issues and problems in the field of technology and invention. One of the fields in which this club has extensive activities, is the valuation of inventions, startups, and knowledge enterprises. A field that is crucially needed in the country, given the scientific and technological advancements and the path toward higher achievements in these areas. With that in mind, UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club, with the help of consultation and guidance by UNESCO under the auspices of United Nations, has defined certain goals for itself with regard to the valuation of inventions, startups, and knowledge enterprises, some of which are as follows:

UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club in order to obtain proper valuation of inventions and startups has formed a team comprised of experts from various scientific, research, and academic departments in the country and from over the world, so that the valuation of technological and innovative products and also startups can take place. The ultimate aim here was to create a powerful tool for decision and policy making with regard to budget allocation and prioritizing the plans, research, and administrative projects for inventors and startups.

Valuation Services Offered by UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club for Inventions, Startups, and Knowledge Enterprises:

After an idea or invention is patented by the owner of that intellectual property, one of the first things to do is the valuation of that idea or inventions from various perspectives. This valuation process is one of the most fundamental steps toward branding and commercializing. As such, UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club has implemented very complex methods, along with knowledge and experience, and also with the help of domestic and international scientific and administrative instruments, aims at evaluating the internal factors of ideas, inventions, and technological business, so that this valuation process can be carried out in the best and most professional way.

UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club, with the expertise of domestic and international experts, and with the scientific and administrative support of the international organization of UNESCO under the auspices of United Nations, is ready for the valuation of the technologies of companies, startups, and inventions. After ideas and startups are evaluated by the team of experts, a valid and international certificate will be given to the qualified owners of the ideas and startups; to find out more, please contact us.

To request a valuation of your invention or innovative, technological business, please fill out the valuation request form.