The Benefits of Membership in UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club

UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club is a comprehensive organization that aims to identify, attract, develop, support, and direct scientific and young minds in the country by creating coordination and coherence among them in the form of scientific and research groups, so that they can pave their way to success. This club operates under the auspices of UNESCO, and has started its operations in line with the peaceful purpose of this international organization to promote the spirit of science education and research. The aim of this club is to attract top and young talents and minds in the country in the form of a knowledge-based organization so that their potential and abilities can be implemented in the development and prosperity of our country. Although, being a member of a scientific and educational institute is in and of itself an advantage, but membership in this club has numerous advantages for talented young people, and in the following section we will touch upon some of these benefits.

Innovation and Technology Club All professionals, researchers, scholars, students, students and members of startups and knowledge-based companies interested in innovation and technology departments who are studying or graduating in all fields approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, can join the Innovation Club And become a member of UNESCO Technology.

It is worth mentioning that all applicants to use all the services of the club (valuation of inventions and startups, joining the network of startups and knowledge-based companies, etc.) must first become members of the Innovation and Technology Club of UNESCO-Iran.

Required documents for membership in the UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club:

Benefits of membership in the UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club:

  •  Receiving a UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club membership card, and being able to enjoy the benefits of having this card
  • Participating in technology and innovation conferences and seminars, and having access to the most up-to-date articles and researches of the top minds participating in these conferences and seminars.
  • Participating in UNESCO webinars and having access to the latest data and information produced by international researchers and top minds.
  • Participating in UNESCO seminars and using this opportunity to develop the potential talents and abilities of the members of UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club
  •  Offering special and exclusive discounts for the members of the club to participate in domestic and foreign academies
  • Offering discounts to participate in electronic educational courses of UNESCO club (UniTech) – especially for the members of UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club
  • Effective and bilateral relationship with domestic and foreign scientific committees for scientific and cultural exchanges, and updating scientific and technological information of Iranian researchers and talented minds, and sharing research and scientific findings with the domestic and foreign researchers.
  • Offering specialized and technical consultation in technological fields (innovation, technology, and business) by the scientific staff and group of talented minds at UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club
  • Evaluating the ideas proposed by the members of the club and developing those ideas and plans, and guiding them toward commercializing and production
  • Offering specialized consultation in the field of establishing businesses with quick and high yield, and familiarizing the members with the processes that rule the market, and offering scientific and research guidance to knowledge enterprises and startups.
  • Offering specialized consultation and providing the basis for commercializing innovative products, and offering scientific and research solutions for the issues on the way of localizing and commercializing entrepreneurial ideas and plans offered by the members of UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club
  •  Familiarizing the members of the club with the actual needs of administrative organizations and related industries in order to guide their scientific thoughts and activities toward the needs of the country and create effective communications among the top minds and researchers of the country and familiarizing them with manufacturing industries and companies so that their ideas and plans can be implemented toward the development and prosperity of our country’s industries and manufacturing companies.
  •  Identifying top minds and talented researchers and creating research groups to establish communication among country’s young researchers and top minds
  • Offering specialized and exclusive consultation to all the members of UNESCO Innovation and Technology Club in the field of commercializing and patent registration inside and outside of the country.
  • Familiarizing members with the notion of technology, its dimensions and content in various fields and industries, and simplifying complex scientific and technological notions for their better understanding of knowledge-based concepts